About WKDT

It all began in 1954 as KDET, which was heard through the electrical outlets in Central Area. Cadets plugged radios into electrical outlets in the barracks to hear the “carrier current” station, whose AM signals were transmitted through the USMA power lines. In 1972, the club was granted permission to begin on-air broadcasts, and the station was given a new name: WKDT.

Joe Bids Farewell

I write this on the day I start my 36th year as WKDT manager. It will be my last.

I will be retiring on 31 January 2020. It is time. Hearing is gone and vision fading. Physical and mental acuity is slipping.  It is 65 and fly.

I am sending out this message so all my friends who care will know how much these years have meant to me. Thank you.

I am making a last request. Let me leave West Point the way I came in, quietly. No ceremonies, no parties, just some farewell handshakes will do.

I will explain. With no living relatives I am going through my Father’s and Uncle’s decades of West Point service and recognizing there is no place for these things to go except the trash. I have a good friend, attorney and estate executer(Richard Stiek, 96’) who will have enough of a task disposing of my estate without having to deal with any more West Point  things than I have already burdened him with. So please: No “Attention to Orders”. No freezing in the Thayer award room. Give such things to someone who can display them for future generations.

As for a party. No one needs to be coming to West Point in the middle of winter. It would be ironic if one of my last duties would be to announce a “CODE RED” on that day.  In retirement I am only going as far as Highland Falls so I will be around for weddings, reunions and anytime  there is free food. My retirement travel plans consist of trips to Cooperstown(BB Hall of Fame) Cleveland(R&R Hall of Fame) and Gettysburg. A traveling man I am not.

Having come to this decision, a flood of memories have been unleashed. Most are positive and I am sure all will be in a little while. I appreciate all the people who made this job always a challenge, never dull and a reason to get up and look forward to the day. Thanks again and I will see you around.

Our Mission

WKDT is the USCC’s premier source of music, news, and entertainment. WKDT provides sound support as directed for all Academy functions. This includes support to academic department events, branch events, alumni events, cadet company events, drill and ceremony, as well as live broadcasting of corps squad sporting events. With its team of well-trained music disc jockeys, radio hosts, and sports announcers, WKDT online provides USCC with the best of online music, podcasts, news, weather, and entertaining programming focused on serving the Corps of Cadets, and the Academy, at large.

Meet the Team

The people listed below are the cadet leaders within WKDT, as well as the two officers in charge. These proud members of WKDT work diligently as the leaders within the club ensure WKDT is consistently working at the top of its game in providing sound and entertainment for the Corps of Cadets.

Erick Loe

General Manager

Class of 2020, Erick is from South Whitley, IN, where he grew up working and wrestling, listening to a lot of radio. He is pursing a degree in Computer Science and has paved the way for the online presence of WKDT. Erick serves as the Cadet in Charge of WKDT, overseeing all of our affairs.

Gabe Parish

Radio Manager

Class of 2020, Gabe is from Jerseyville, Illinois. He is pursuing a degree in Engineering Management and serves as the WKDT Assistant Cadet in Charge. In his free time, he enjoys hunting and playing the guitar.

Joseph Simmons

Activities Manager

Class of 2021, Joseph is from Orlando, FL. He is pursuing a degree in French and heads the activities side of WKDT, coordinating all of our events and live DJing.

Paul Russell

Radio Manager

Class of 2022, Paul is from Yucca Valley, CA. He is pursuing a degree in Computer Science and serves as the WKDT Radio Manager, in charge of all radio programming and scheduling.

Charles Debczak

IT Manager

Class of 2021, Charles is from Warren, Michigan. He is pursuing a degree in Space Science and serves as the WKDT IT manager, taking care of the website and apps.

Ashodd Ford


Class of 2020, Ashodd is from Jacksonville, FL, where he enjoyed watching movies and playing sports with his friends. He is pursuing a degree in Spanish and serves as the WKDT secretary, ensuring all personnel are accounted for, creating notes for the club, and a variety of other jobs.

Domenic Spigarelli

Sports Manager

Class of 2022, Domenic is from Niagara, WI. He is pursuing a degree in French and serves as the WKDT Sports Manager, in charge of all WKDT coverage of live Army sporting events.

Dr. Lissa V. Young

Officer in Charge

Dr. Lissa V. Young is a 1986 graduate of West Point, and former Army aviator. Lissa holds a B.S. in Literature from West Point (1986), an M.A. in Social Psychology from Kansas University (1996), an M.Ed. from Harvard (2009), a Ph.D. from Harvard (2013). At Harvard, Lissa also earned a doctoral certificate in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She currently serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership.

Joseph Cyr

Officer in Charge

Joe Cyr, known as West Point’s “Code Red” voice, handles Audio/Visual Production and Emergency Operations for the USMA Public Affairs Office. A Highland Falls native, Joe started working in the famous Grant Hall in 1969. He has now been with the academy and WKDT for well over 30 years, providing guidance and life advice to WKDT members.